Dr Chen Seong Ting International Medical University

Dr Chen Seong Ting is a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, International Medical Univeristy (IMU) and a dietitian practicing in IMU healthcare. Her research interest focuses on malnutrition assessment, nutrition intervention for children, individuals with special needs and cancer. Dr Chen has been appointed as the Dietetics Programme Director for the year 2016-2019 in IMU. She works closely with the team to design the dietetics curriculum such as competency-based education, workplace-based assessment and technology enhanced learning in dietetics. She is also part of the working group to obtain the ICDA International Accreditation for the Dietetics Programme in IMU. She has further extended her research interest into dietetics education. This is reflected in her recent research grant to develop a set of core Entrustable Professional Activities for entry-level dietetics practice.