Dr Raymond Choy DOC2US

Dr. Raymond Choy specialises in family and aviation medicine. He started his foray in the field of medicine at International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia in 2003 and he graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Upon graduation Dr. Choy received his medical training in John Radcliffe Hospitals, Oxford UK for over 3 years and was subsequently given the opportunity to pursue his career as a Physician Leader in Raffles Medical Group, Singapore in 2012. There, he managed the 24-hour Changi International Airport cluster, overseeing operations for all the cluster clinics. Passionate about public healthcare, Dr. Choy later co-founded DOC2US and incorporated the company under the name HeyDoc International Sdn Bhd in April 2015 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Since then, DOC2US has grown to reach over 1500 partnered pharmacies across Malaysia, prescribed more than 1 million e-prescriptions and has been operating as the forefront of the digital health and telemedicine industry in Malaysia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Determined to be more than a figure in entrepreneurship, Dr. Choy wanted to be a voice for the younger demographic as well. As a public figure of health and medicine, Dr. Choy has undertaken the role of inspiring the next generation and developing more professionals in the medical industry. His enthusiasm and insightfulness make him a popular and frequent guest speaker at many medicine-related seminars, forums and conventions at universities and organizations across Malaysia.