Mr. Mohd Izham Mohamad Sports Nutrition Center, National Sports Institute

Mohd Izham has a background and training in Nutrition (Health and Performance). He graduated from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in year 2007 (BSc) in Nutrition and 2015 (MSc) in Health Science (Sports Nutrition). He is a Center Head and Senior Sport Nutritionist in Sport Nutrition Center until today. His is a Member of Nutrition Society Malaysia (NSM) and also Team Lead for Malaysia Cycling Program. His research and work interests include education on nutrition in health and performance, sports supplements, nutrition interventions for performance, hydration, body composition assessment and dietary manipulations to enhance exercise performance. He has developed high level skills in managing effective nutrition interventions in major games such as Olympic Games. Mohd Izham has vast experience working in high performance sport management especially in cycling since 2009. He has been involved directly with coordination of sport science and medicine services for cycling program in the preparation for major games such as Olympic, Commonwealth, Asian Games and international events since 2009. His also has experience as Team Nutritionist and Assistant Team Manager in various major games such Sea Games, Asian, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. He has a passion for helping athletes achieve their sporting ambitions, including those aspiring for Asia, Commonwealth & Olympic Games success.

28 June 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
Mr. Mohd Izham Mohamad Speaker Sports Nutrition Center, National Sports Institute
Prof. Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid Speaker University of Malaya
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