Multidisciplinary Approach in Managing Elderly Patients 20 Jun 2021 15:30 16:00

Professor Tan Maw Pin Speaker

The care of older adults within any setting mandates the multidisciplinary team which comprises doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, social worker, care coordinator and the dietitian. Adequate nutritional intake plays a key role towards outcomes in older adults. The management of nutritional needs of older adults, however, has additional dimensions which include special diets more multiple co-existing medical conditions: sarcopenia, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease to name but a few. The older person also potentially needs assistance with food preparation or feeding and often has masticatory and swallowing issues. Food also serves a social purpose and may be a major source of pleasure for the older persons. Successful management of the nutritional needs of the older adults, therefore, requires the input of various experts- all hands on deck!