Dr Ng Ai Kah

13th June 2023

Time Session
Dr Ng Ai Kah Chairperson Universiti Malaya
  • The Importance of Protein Adequacy in Post Bariatric Surgery: A Case Study
  • Potency of Exclusive Enteral and Supplementary Parenteral Nutrition in Crohn’s Disease Clinical Remission in Older Adult
  • Maximizing Comfort and Quality of Life Through Nutritional Support for a Geriatric Patient Under Palliative Care
  • Hypercaloric of Semi-elemental Product With Mct Reduces Chyle Production and Improves Energy Intake in Chylothorax– A Case Report
  • Leading the Nutrition Management of a Resistant Anorexia Nervosa Patient in the Outpatient Setting
    Teo Soo Lay Presenter
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