Teo Soo Lay

28 June 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
Dr Tah Pei Chien Chairperson University of Malaya Medical Centre
  • Nutritional Management of a Patient With Intestinal Failure After a Total of 65CM Small Bowel Resection: A Case Study
    Bong Chu Wen Presenter
  • A Nutrition Counselling Based on Goal Setting Strategy in Managing Underweight TB Spine Patient in Rehabilitation Ward.
    Fung Jin Yee Presenter
  • Disordered Eating Pattern of an Adult Patient With Bulimia Nervosa in the Outpatient Setting
    Teo Soo Lay Presenter
  • Nutrition Challenge in Optimizing Energy, Protein and Micronutrient of a Wernicke Encephalopathy Post Bariatric Patient
    Tham Sook Mun Presenter
  • B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with chronic GvHD: An unexpected but significant nutritional intervention
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