Ms. Lim Yi Chien Homey Nutrition

Ms. Lim Yi Chien
Meet Yi Chien, who co-founded Homey Nutrition - a health tech company providing health goal-directed dietary solutions for patients who have chronic diseases by delivering therapeutic meals across peninsula Malaysia. Yi Chien is a certified dietitian who is very passionate about bridging the gap between healthcare providers, patients and community. Homey’s strong vision in empowering dietary changes had improved 40,000 lives throughout these years. She strongly believes that by empowering each individual with the correct nutrition information, it can have a ripple effect on the health, economy and future of a country. It seemed to have made its mark in the ultra competitive world of F&B sector after the state government recognised her for entrepreneurship with the Young Excellence Award and special recognition by MDA with the Rising Star Award 2021. ‘If we can add a little bit of value in the life of others by offering them our time, knowledge and experience, why not? We learn from each other and be the better version of ourselves. ‘ - Yi Chien.

28 June 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
Mr. Georgen Thye Choong Jean Chairperson Holmusk
Ms. Lim Yi Chien Speaker Homey Nutrition
Ms. Siti Shafurah Abas Speaker Babymama Trading
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