Postgraduate Best Thesis Award

This award is given to acknowledge outstanding postgraduate MDA member(s) who has/have completed a thesis that is value-adding to the field of dietetics and nutrition.

  1. Eligibility Criteria 
    Applicant must be:

    • A current MDA Ordinary Member

    • Pursued a postgraduate research program at a Malaysian higher education institution

    • Has been conferred a postgraduate degree

    Thesis abstract and topic must be:

    • Relevant and add value to the field of dietetics and nutrition.

    • NOT given any honour or award previously.

    Only the original thesis should be submitted for the Award in any year. Thesis previously submitted won’t be accepted.

  2. Merit Criteria  
    As the intent of the award is to honour and facilitate outstanding scholarship, applications will be judged on the basis of the following academic merit criteria:

    • Originality

    • Contemporary significance and /or scholarly relevance

    • Conceptual, methodological and theoretical soundness

    • Disciplined, focused and persuasive argument

    • Coherent organisation and clarity of written expression

    • Comprehensive reference to appropriate literature


All nominations must be submitted via electronic mailer to the following email address ( by 5pm on April 30th.

Nomination Form