Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award

This award is given to acknowledge outstanding Clinical Instructors (CI) in recognition of outstanding contribution as a role model for dietetic interns. 

  1. Eligibility Criteria

    • The nominee shall be a current MDA Member of the year of nomination.

    • The nominator shall be the dietetic intern of the university that the CIs are currently working.

    • Each institution of higher learning can submit a maximum of TWO (2) candidates through the respective programme head/ programme coordinator with the following supporting documents:

      • Clinical Instructor Award Nomination Form

      •  At least THREE (3) written evidence from the dietetic interns that outline specific examples of how the nominee meets or exceeds the selection criteria.

      • Evaluation from Lecturer and Peer

  2. Nominee Qualities

    As the intent of the award is to honour outstanding CI for their contribution in teaching, leadership and mentoring of dietetic interns, nominees will be judged on the basis of the following merit criteria:

    • Consistently demonstrates excellence as a preceptor by creating an environment of learning that has resulted in meaningful learning experiences

    • Acts as a role model by demonstrating outstanding competence and professionalism in the practice setting that meets dietetic standards of practice

    • Actively and consistently demonstrates strong leadership, knowledge and a professional approach during interactions with the dietetic interns and colleagues.

    • Demonstrates an ongoing willingness to precept students and facilitate learning using a creative, collaborative approach, setting evidence-based goals to meet objectives, monitoring progress and providing constructive on going evaluation to achieve student success

    • Demonstrates a commitment to the relationship by recognizing the unique needs of each student and dedicates the necessary time to support and enhances the student learning experience.


All nominations must be submitted via electronic mailer to the following email address (mda.awardsgrants@gmail.com) by 5pm on April 30th.

Nomination Form